Revamping the Blog: Part 2

Okay, sooooo….

Next week may have been a bit of an optimistic/unrealistic deadline for new posts on the new blog…

This is hard guys! I mean, a lot harder than I expected. Props to everyone who has gone the whole self-hosting route and made it successful, because I am STRUGGLING! It’s okay though! It will get done, and it will be up, and I will let all of y’all know when; it just might not be up by April 16th.

I want this new blog to be perfect, and because of that, I wont be setting a specific date. Could it be the 16th? YES! Could it also be May 1st? That one is looking more likely, but that’s okay.  SO STAY TUNED!


Revamping the Blog

Hiiiiii guys!

So, I have been in the process of researching and all that jazz to make my blog bigger and better than ever! With that being said, I still have yet to actually take the plunge, UNTIL TODAY! Starting next week (16th of April) I will have a different URL and different blog. I am a little sad to close this chapter of blogging, but it was always meant to be a kickstarter. I would like to take this blogging hobby to the next level, and to do that, I need to make some changes. I will have a post up at the end of this week with the details on everything and how to find me, so make sure to tune in then, and I really hope all of you will join me at my new site!

Thanks to everyone who has viewed my page, commented and liked, and all of the support you all have given me in the last year. I truly appreciate it and it has made me realize that this is something I really want to take the next step in.

See y’all soon!