Blogmas Day 7: Winter Night Time Skin Care

Heyy guys!

I have had problem skin for as long as I can remember. I took the whole Proactiv route, which worked for a while but became too expensive, and too much of a pain in the arse really. But after searching and trying different things, I have finally gotten a routine that seems to work pretty well for me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still get pimples and black heads and all that stuff, but my skin seems to be healthier overall, with less marks and what blemishes I do get, they are few and far between. If you’re skin is giving you problems, maybe give these products a try, because they have been heavenly for my skin.

The first thing I do when I get ready for bed is take all of my makeup off. To do this, I use the Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing wipes. These work so well, and they are so convenient for travel and all that jazz.


Once all/most of my makeup is off, I use No.7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser. I do not use the cloths that they give you-honestly I’m not really sure why, I just don’t-instead using a *clean* washcloth of my own. I take about two pumps of this and work it into my skin for a couple of minutes, removing any left over makeup and really making sure to get all over. I then take the washcloth, wet it with really hot water and wipe everything away, patting my face dry before moving on.


Once my face is cleansed, I take my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo acne treatment cream and rub it into my skin, focusing on where I tend to break out or any problem areas I have. I have always had acne prone skin, and this has been the Holy Grail in dealing with that. It clears pimples, as well as helps to remove any marks.


Once that is all worked into my skin, I moisturize. The Effaclar Duo cream does dry your face out so moisturizing is a must! For this I use Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Night Firming Cream. This stuff hydrates your skin without leaving it oily, which is perfect when you have combination skin like me! And yeah yeah yeah, I’m 23 and use anti-aging cream, but I don’t want wrinkles at 30 thank you very much!


Yeah, that’s about it! This routine has been working wonders for me, and hopefully it will help some of you who are struggling with your skin as well!


Blogmas Day 2: Black Friday finds

Hi guys!

Welcome back to my Blogmas, I hope you are enjoying December so far and are getting into the Christmas spirit! For my second post, I thought I would give you guys a little peek into some of my Black Friday finds. I spent this Black Friday at home, taking advantage of the online sales as opposed to in store mobs and violence-NO THANKS! Although I did some shopping for everyone else, I also bought myself a few things, all of it makeup (SHOCKER!)

The first thing I bought was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Glow Kit from Ulta. I have been eyeing these palettes for a long time, and I figured that now was the time. I am loving it so far, although the colors are very sun-kissed, so they require a lot of blending.

While browsing on Ulta, I also grabbed a set of Real Techniques brushes, because you can never have too many of those. I love all of their brushes and sponges and definitely grab for those first. And last but most certainly not least, I also snagged a new Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced. This is the Holy Grail of mascara and I will always have one of these on hand.


The next thing I got was a load of lippies from Colourpop. I got three of their ultra matte lips in the shades Fragile Things, Moondancer and Bianca , as well as an ultra satin lip in Frick N’ Frack. I love all of these shades. They apply very smoothly, are super comfortable and last a good amount of time throughout the day. Definitely recommend.


The last thing I picked up for myself is my favorite. I finally tried Fenty Beauty Pro’filtr foundation. I WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER FOUNDATION AGAIN! It is so comfortable, lasts all day and feels like Im not wearing anything. I had to guess on my shade because I ordered online, choosing 180. I would probably go a shade lighter next time, but it is close enough that I don’t mind. With this, I bought one of their foundation brushes, which is now one of my favorite brushes ever.


Let me know if you guys have tried any of these, if you agree with me or think I’m crazy. And let me know what you got for yourself on Black Friday. It’s not Black Friday unless you treat yourself, amiright?!

See you tomorrow!


2017 Fall Favorites: Makeup

Hi guys!

So, like promised, here is my list of fall beauty favorites. I have bought a lot of makeup recently, because I was getting stuck just using the same stuff over and over again, and I had decided that enough was enough. So I took my credit card, made my way to Ulta and bought some new stuff that I had been peeping at for a while.

The first one was the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, and OH MY GOD is it beautiful! I have been obsessed with all of the Naked palettes for quite some time now, and they are my go to for eye shadows. I had been wanting this since it came out, but I wanted to wait until I did a proper makeup clear out before I bought anything new. I’ve had this for about a month now, and it has changed my life. The colors are beautiful for fall-and year round, lets be honest- and they layer beautifully. AND THE BRUSH! The brush that comes with the palette is one of Urban Decays best brushes yet IMO. I’m just obsessed with this and its beautifulness (Katie word, get used to it!)

The next thing that I’ve been rocking this fall are liquid lipsticks. Now, I’ve never been much of a lipstick person, but I love the way it looks on everyone else, so I decided to give it a try. I had heard a lot of rave reviews on the matte finish ones, and felt like that would be perfect for me. I got two new ones, one a nude shade one from Tarte and a pink shade one from Too Faced and they have completely changed my outlook on lippy’s.

The one from Tarte is a tarteist lip paint in the shade Bestie, which is a beautiful nude. This one goes on beautifully and is extremely comfortable. I use this one almost daily, and HAVE to go find a few more shades that go with my skin!

The one from Too Faced is one of their melted matte lipstick in the shade Bend & Snap! This shade is a bit on the edgier side as it is a very deep pink, but it is so comfortable and lasts so well! While I wear the Tarte one almost daily, I tend to grab this one for the days where my outfit is a little more subdued, just to give myself some extra color.

Last but certainly by no means least, I finally, FINALLY, learned how to do a flick on my own eyes. This was one of those things that I could do perfectly on other people, but never came out right on myself. I think the eyeliner was key. Before, I had been using liquid eyeliners from Revlon and L’Oreal, the high street brands. But I recently discovered the Stila stay all day liquid liner pen and decided to give it a go. OH MY GOD IT HAS CHANGED MY EYELINER LIFE! It is so easy to apply, the tip is perfect size for flicks and my eyeliner just comes out damn near perfect every time!

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.05.12 PM

I would definitely recommend all of these products, I mean come on, I wouldn’t tell you to buy shit beauty bits. So the next time you are looking to spice up your makeup routine, I say go for one of these; they are super cute and really hassle free, which is my favorite kind of makeup!

Until next time! XOXO K