Blogmas Day 14: My Christmas Tree

Hi guys!

For today’s post, I thought I would give you a little insight into my Christmas Tree! My family has always been one that believe the simpler the better when it comes to our tree. We usually do white lights, garland (red or silver), and a few ornaments. We don’t go all out, instead letting the tree speak for itself.

This year, we used the fake tree that we bought on Christmas Eve last year-the dogs knocked the real one over 4 times that day and all the needles were gone…-because the needles. I much prefer real trees, but I also don’t like cleaning up the tree so I don’t mind the fake ones. It is about 6 feet tall, and is strung with soft white lights.

For decorations, we have red garland, and red bows. Again, we weren’t sure how the dogs would do with the glass balls, so we figured we’d put it off one more year. I think it is super simple, and elegant!

Growing up, we had a beautiful angel as out topper, and we would sometimes alternate this with a star. One year, the star broke, so that didn’t work. The next year, the angel broke, and in a pinch, my brother and I decided to toss a Santa hat on the top. That was over 10 years ago, and we haven’t had a different topper since. It is so cute, and definitely breaks from the traditional.


Blogmas Day 13: Favorite Hot Chocolate Recipes

Hi guys!

I am a hot chocolate junkie! I would live on the stuff in the winter if I could. I have recently been trying to get a little more experimental with my hot chocolate recipes and I came across two that are my absolute favorites by far ever! They are super easy to make, not requiring much work, and they are so creamy and delicious!

Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate:

This one is just a plain hot chocolate recipe, nothing really special here. I found this recipe on Pinterest and it is one that I have used so many times now. You can alter the ingredients, add whatever you want, take out some things. Really, it is super easy to make it your own. I follow the recipe pretty closely, and I top mine with some whipped cream (canned of course, I can’t make homemade to save my life), mini marshmallows, and when I’m feel extra crazy I even add some Hershey’s chocolate drizzle on top! It is so good and comforting, and melting the marshmallows right in makes it extra creamy and delicious.

Peppermint White Chocolate:

I don’t follow a recipe when making this one so each time I make it, it turns out a little different. The ratio really depends on how chocolatey and pepperminty you want it, but if I had to guess the measurements would be as follows:

  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 whole white chocolate candy bar (any brand)
  • 1/2-1 tsp peppermint extract
  • whipped cream to top
  • candy canes

First I start my pouring the milk into a sauce pan and heating that up on the stove. Next, I take the chocolate bar and break it up into a heat resistant bowl. Once the milk is hot, you want to pour it over the white chocolate, whisking as you go until the chocolate is fully melted. Then you add in the peppermint. Take a ladle and pour the cocoa into cups, topping with whipped cream and a candy cane. Obviously you can adjust the measurements to your liking, double them if you want a ton, and make it your own! I sometimes save a bit of the white chocolate bar and grate some of that on the top, or just huck it in, you know, whichever I feel like!

There you have it! These two recipes are really delicious and are sure to fill you up and keep you warm on a cold winter day!


Blogmas Day 12: Christmas Essentials/What’s To Come

Hi guys.

I’ve been sick the past few days and haven’t been able to take any new pictures or really do anything bloggy related. I am feeling better today, so I will be able to plan some good posts for the rest of the week. That does mean that this post will be less festive and more filler, so I apologize. In trying to keep things exciting, I figured I would write a little Christmas Essentials/what the rest of Blogmas will look like post, so here it is!

There is nothing quite like getting yourself in the Christmas spirit with your favorite things around Christmas time. This includes everything from hot chocolate to music, ugly sweaters to pjs. I really do mean everything. I think the best part of Christmas is the lead up and how much fun it is on Christmas Eve, and part of this is because I go all out with my festive things! These are a few of my favorites!

Christmas lights-I literally have these up year round, so nothing really changes during Christmas time, it is just an excuse to go all out and not feel judged.

Hot Chocolate-I have my favorite hot chocolate recipes coming tomorrow, so look out for that and all its yumminess!

Christmas Music- Michael Buble’s Christmas album literally plays nonstop in my house and car from the day after Thanksgiving until New Years, with a lil “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey tossed in there.

Christmas Sweaters-This will also be a post coming in the next few days, look for my Ugly and my Not Ugly options.

Christmas Cookies-Again, another post coming, because who doesn’t like Christmas cookies?

My blogmas is about to get a whole lot more festive! Until tomorrow, enjoy the picture of my dog waiting for Santa Paws…


Blogmas Day 11: Unique Gifts for Him

Hi Guys!

I always find it incredibly hard to shop for the men in my life. You don’t want to just get them socks or books, etc, but it can be a bit hard to think of some new gifts that they wouldn’t already have. So I compiled a list of cool gifts that I have given in the past, and hopefully you can get some ideas from here.

Sauces/Marinades- This one is kind of a long standing joke between my dad and I. One time when I was about 9, I was Christmas Shopping with my mom and picked out a cast iron skillet kit that included like two different hot sauces. He loved it, and ever since I have bought him sauces and marinades for Christmas. I usually try to go to a little country store near my house, but don’t be afraid to hit Target or Walmart as well. This is a perfect addition if they love to cook/grill.

Bean Box Subscription- This one is for the coffee lovers out there, and is actually one of the gifts I’m getting someone this year. They have different boxes that you can get with coffees from all over the world, or they do monthly subscriptions.

Qello Subscription- This is something that I had never heard of until my brother mentioned it. You get a subscription and can listen to live concerts. I don’t know much about it, but if you know a music lover, this one is a must.

So there you have it! These are a few of the things that I am purchasing or know someone who is for this year. Hopefully they will apply to some of the hard to buy for me in your life!


Blogmas Day 10: Winter Wonderland

Hi guys,

So New Hampshire got it’s first real snow fall yesterday and last night, and because of this, I figured I would do a little snow appreciation post. I am one of those people who loves snow, until about mid January and it just keeps coming. It gets real old real fast, but I LOVE snow around Christmas time.

I remember one year, my brother got a snowboard for Christmas, and we had just enough snow for him to try it out. I was so jealous-until I tried it and fell and vowed to never snowboard again-and ever since snow on Christmas day has been a rare treat. There is just something about waking up onChristmas morning to a fresh snowfall, drinking your coffee by the lit Christmas tree. I just love it!

Yesterdays snow really put me in the Christmas spirit, and I can only say, BRING IT! I know this post was a bit short, but the next 14 will make up for it, I promise!


Blogmas Day 9: Stocking Stuffers for Her

Hi guys!

Stockings have always been my favorite party of Christmas, and as I’ve gotten older whenever my Mum asks for a Christmas list, I ask only for a stocking (she has yet to only given me a stocking, but thats on her. Love you Mum!). There is just something about getting a bit of candy, some new deodorant and some other small things that makes Christmas. SO I thought I would put together a little list of the best stocking stuffers IMO, under $20.

Colourpop lipstick-if the lady you are shopping for likes makeup, I HIGHLY recommend these. They are super cheap, and the formulation is amazing. I personally like the matte ones, but they have glosses and satins and all different kinds.

Anything travel size-this can be shampoo, toothpaste, perfume, I really mean anything. It is cheap and it fills up the stocking, and nothing is worse than taking gigantic bottles when you go stay somewhere other than  your house.

Magazines-I am a huge magazine junky. I have subscriptions to Vogue and Vanity Fair. Any magazine is a perfect addition to a stocking. She can catch up on the gossip of the world, while munching on candy.

Deodorant and Toothbrushes-these can be travel or normal sizes, but I personally always look forward to both of these things, because they are staples in my house.

Phone charger-I have about 4 phone chargers for my phone;two that live in my bedroom, one that lives in my purse and one that lives in my work bag. It’s horrible to have to take one phone charger with you, because you always inevitably end up losing them.

Candy-last but certainly not least, candy. I personally always look forward to the Christmas tree shaped Reese’s-they just taste better-but I don’t know if those are just an American thing. Any candy will work really, just make sure to get her favorite.

I could go on forever, there are just so many options, but these ones are some of my favorites and I think any girl would love!

Happy Stocking Stuffing!


Blogmas Day 8: The Unimaginable

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable. 

I saw this quote on a sign at a small tire place in my town. They put a different quote up everyday. Each day I drive by that sign and think of a way that the quote can apply to my life. Sometimes they are silly, but other days, like this day, they are meaningful and thought provoking. This one struck me and with Christmas and the new year coming up, I find myself questioning my own happiness. I am happy, but could I be happier? Is there something in my life that I could change that would be for the better? The answer to those questions are yes, they are always yes, because we are ever changing beings, we evolve and change out interests on the daily.

But what is it that would make me happier? And this is why the quote it home with me. Because I don’t know what it is, because it is unimaginable. I don’t know if it will be a person, a choice I make, or anything else, but something will change my life irrevocably. I am not afraid of this, it does not intimidate me, I have always been one who dealt with my own future as a lottery machine; you get what you spin.

So I am challenging everyone to take the time and really evaluate their lives. Make room for the unimaginable, because it will change you beyond your wildest dreams. Hold this place in your heart where you know the unimaginable will reside, and guard it like your life depends on it. Because at the end of the day, your happiness lies within you, and nothing will make you happy until you yourself make you happy.