Blogmas Day 22: Wrapping Tips

Hi guys!

I’ve had my shopping done since December 10th, which was like a complete shock to myself! I’m usually the one who is running around on Christmas Eve scrambling! But this year, other than one more stocking filler, I am done! But what I haven’t done, is wrap! Until last night that is!

I was adamant on buying my own wrapping paper this year (usually I just raid my moms stash-sorry ma!) because I wanted to get a lil fancy and creative! So I decided to put together a few tips to help you go from hot mess wrapping, to done by pros!

  1. Choose a theme- this one is super important because it makes it look like you planned everything out and really thought about it! My theme this year is gold, white and black with a rustic vibe! I bought 4 different kind of wrapping paper that fits this vibe.
  2. Use twine- I always like to use a lil extra twine or ribbon and tie it around the gift!
  3. Get fancy tags- instead of just using those sticker tags, pay the money and get the ones that you tie onto the gift! It looks better and shows more effort!
  4. Coordinate your bags- if you are giving someone a present that needs to be wrapped and something in a bag, spend the little extra and get the corosponding bag. It is worth it!
  5. Take your time- I think wrapping is one of the best parts of Christmas, and you want to make it look like you took your time and put effort into it. Cut off excess instead of just bunching it up, have neat corners, all that! The recipient (especially females) will definitely notice!

Happy wrapping guys! I can’t believe there only 3 days till Christmas!


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