Blogmas Day 21: Christmas Nails

Hi guys,

HOW IS IT ALREADY THE 21ST?! I am in shock that the month has flown by so fast! I guess with the stress and excitement of the holidays, it always does, but this year it seems to have come and gone in lightening speed! Oh well!

For today’s post, I figured I would do something a little glam and talking about nails! specifically Christmas nails. Now I get my nails done-they are not real-but most of these that I will be showing are Pinterest inspired that you can totally do at home. Sorry, no pictures, but I will link each with my inspiration! They are all subtle, but definitely festive!

Black and Gold

These ones I have definitely done before. They are beautiful and subtle and can really be done at any time of the year. You start with black polish and then add some gold sparkly polish to the accent nail, and wherever else you really want to!

Red with White Ribbons/Snowflakes

I think these are just absolutely adorable. It would take a lot more patience than the ones above, but the design is worth it. Start with a red polish, and use a thin tipped white to make the snowflakes and the bows.

Red and Silver

Like the black and gold ones above, this design is super subtle but still brings the Christmas vibes. You apply the silver glitter polish to red nails, giving it the perfect little festive touch!

White with Red and Green Glitter

These, are actually what I was hoping for when I got mine done, but they didn’t have this glitter at the salon, sad day! But the white wth the red and green glitter screams Christmas without the hassle of being precise!

Christmas Galore!

Finally, one that is not for the faint of heart, this design has everything Christmas related. From Santa’s suit, to the tree, it is just cute enough to spend the 3 ours it probably takes to get it right….

And there you have it! Happy nail art!


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