Blogmas Day 12: Christmas Essentials/What’s To Come

Hi guys.

I’ve been sick the past few days and haven’t been able to take any new pictures or really do anything bloggy related. I am feeling better today, so I will be able to plan some good posts for the rest of the week. That does mean that this post will be less festive and more filler, so I apologize. In trying to keep things exciting, I figured I would write a little Christmas Essentials/what the rest of Blogmas will look like post, so here it is!

There is nothing quite like getting yourself in the Christmas spirit with your favorite things around Christmas time. This includes everything from hot chocolate to music, ugly sweaters to pjs. I really do mean everything. I think the best part of Christmas is the lead up and how much fun it is on Christmas Eve, and part of this is because I go all out with my festive things! These are a few of my favorites!

Christmas lights-I literally have these up year round, so nothing really changes during Christmas time, it is just an excuse to go all out and not feel judged.

Hot Chocolate-I have my favorite hot chocolate recipes coming tomorrow, so look out for that and all its yumminess!

Christmas Music- Michael Buble’s Christmas album literally plays nonstop in my house and car from the day after Thanksgiving until New Years, with a lil “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey tossed in there.

Christmas Sweaters-This will also be a post coming in the next few days, look for my Ugly and my Not Ugly options.

Christmas Cookies-Again, another post coming, because who doesn’t like Christmas cookies?

My blogmas is about to get a whole lot more festive! Until tomorrow, enjoy the picture of my dog waiting for Santa Paws…


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