Blogmas Day 10: Winter Wonderland

Hi guys,

So New Hampshire got it’s first real snow fall yesterday and last night, and because of this, I figured I would do a little snow appreciation post. I am one of those people who loves snow, until about mid January and it just keeps coming. It gets real old real fast, but I LOVE snow around Christmas time.

I remember one year, my brother got a snowboard for Christmas, and we had just enough snow for him to try it out. I was so jealous-until I tried it and fell and vowed to never snowboard again-and ever since snow on Christmas day has been a rare treat. There is just something about waking up onChristmas morning to a fresh snowfall, drinking your coffee by the lit Christmas tree. I just love it!

Yesterdays snow really put me in the Christmas spirit, and I can only say, BRING IT! I know this post was a bit short, but the next 14 will make up for it, I promise!


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