Blogmas Day 5: DIY Pinterest Snowmen

Hi Guys!

Were getting a little DIY-y today! I was browsing Christmas decorations on Pinterest about a month ago, and I came across some gems! The ones that really caught my eye were snowmen made out of socks, and I thought I just had to give it a try. I am pretty creative and artistic, but one thing I can’t do is sew, so (lol) I replaced the needly bit with sharpie, but more on that later.

What you are going to need to give these bad boys a try are white tube socks, rice (lots of it!), rubber bands, some kind of Christmasy fabric, scissors and sharpies. All of this can be purchased at Walmart in the States, but I’m assuming any type of crafty/everything/catch all store would have it all. So, lets get started.

Step 1: take your sock and fill it with the rice, up to about the heel of the sock. When it is full, hit the bottom of the sock onto the surface you are working on to kind of flatten it all to the bottom. When you are done that, tie the top off with a rubber band at the heel, and cut off the top of the sock directly above the rubber band.

Step 2: take a second rubber band and tie that around a smaller section of the sock so that you get a head sized ball. Then, take the portion of the sock that you cut off, tie knot in one end, and place the other end on top of the head, i.e giving the snowman a hat!


Step 3: take your Christmasy fabric, and cut a long strip of that off, tying it around the rubber band separating the head from the body.  This is the snowman’s scarf!


Step 4: this is the part where you can sew, but I can’t, so sharpie it is! I drew on a face and buttons, but if you wanted, you could actually sew the buttons on.


And there you have it! You can color the hat, or leave it white, I did both as you can see from the picture above. Really make them as colorful as you want, but I thought they were really cute to set on a mantle piece or window sill for the holidays!

Until tomorrow!


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