Blogmas Day 4: Favorite Festive Candles

Hi guys!

I hope you are enjoying Blogmas so far! Now, one of my favorite ways to spruce up my house for the holidays is by lighting some pretty, festive scented candles. I love all candles, I just feel as though they make any room feel homey and warm, and what’s better than that around Christmas? I have the staple balsam scented Yankee Candles, as well as the crisp winter air scents, but I wanted to go a little different with some of the this year. So I headed to the shops, and picked up some new ones!

The first one I got was from the Home for the Holidays range from Rite Aid (lol, yeah a drug store). This one is Cranberry Orange scented, and literally smells amazing. I’ve just recently really fell in love with the cranberry and orange combo and it was perfect that I found this one!

The second one I got is a Candle-Lite Company gem and it is Cinnamon Apple Crisp scented. Now, I personally think of this scent as a more fall and autumnal scent, but when it is burning with the other, more Christmasy scents, it just takes it up a notch. Plus this one is three wicked, so it just looks gorgeous.

The last one I got, I don’t honestly remember the brand. I do know I got it at Target, and it is in this really cute gold and pink pot (if that helps anyone…), and it is a Mulling Spices scent. Oh my God, this scent is wonderful. I keep this one on my night stand, and I light it for a bit before I go to bed each night, and it is so relaxing.

So there you have it! If you are on the hunt for some different candles this year-there is such a thing as too many sugar cookie candles-than I would definitely try these ones out. They are obviously Christmas, but not too much so that you can’t burn them year round!

See you tomorrow!


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