New Blog Thoughts

Hi Guys!

So, I’ve been doing this for about three months now, not super consistently, I admit, but *life*. I love my little blog regardless, and I really enjoy having a place to call my own, where I can kind of write what I’m feeling and all that stuff. But, one thing that I can’t settle on is the layout and design. I think when I started this, I wasn’t too sure how much I would actually be writing, so I went with the easier, less time consuming WordPress. And I hate to admit it, but I’m kind of kicking myself for that now. I see some of my favorite blogs-PoppyDeyes and Zoella- and their blogs are just flawless and perfect (in my own opinion, Im sure they worked their asses off the get them like that) and I want mine to be like that. So I’m thinking of taking some time to redesign everything and get it to a place where I enjoy looking at everything and hopefully, it’ll make it easier on you guys! So bare with me while I go through this, hoppefully you guys like the finished product!


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