My PLL Finale Theory

Hey guys!

Like most 16 year old girls in 2010, I was extremely excited when ABC Family- I will forever call it this, wtf is Freeform?- announced that they would be coming out with a show that was based on the Sara Shepard series Pretty Little Liars. I had read the first few of these books recently, and I was obsessed with the ongoings of the Liars in Rosewood and couldn’t wait to see how they would show this on the TV Screen.

When the first episode aired that June, I was in heaven. I loved how they chose to show the girls, I loved the story lines and how they were similar and different from the books. I just loved the show. Each time a new A was revealed, I cried with the Liars. Each time a character died, I was heartbroken. The drama was riveting, and I never missed an episode.

Fast forward seven years and my love for it has diminished quite a bit, but I still watch it because, like most people, I. NEED. ANSWERS!!!!! Who really killed Ian in season one? Did Charlotte really do everything she said she did? Why is Sydney such a bitch? WHO IS AD?! I grew up with this show, and 5 days out from it’s series finale, I’m feeling quite sentimental.

But as bittersweet as the show ending is, I wanted to share with you who I really think AD is, and how I think everything came about. Before I start, I would love to hear what your theories are, of they are similar to mine, if you think I’m cray-I probably am, but I’m sticking to this for the next 5 days- so comment down below!

Right, let’s get to it:

First, we know that Ali’s mom has a twin, Mary Drake, who is actually Charlotte’s mother. We know that she was in the Radley Sanitarium-which Hanna’s mom turned into a hotel…? I would NEVER stay there-when Charlotte was born, so Jessica, her twin and Ali’s mom, took the child and raised them. Charlotte, born a boy named Charles, ends up in Radley herself, but that isn’t relevant to the story. Jessica has an affair with Peter, Spencer’s father, and they have Jason, Ali’s older brother.

Jason and Ali share a mom (Jessica), Jason, Spencer, and Spencer’s sister Melissa share a dad (Peter). Charlotte, is Jason and Ali’s cousin/adopted sister, although they don’t know this because they remember her as Charles, until she went into Radley. 

We found out this season that Spencer, daughter to Peter and Veronica Hastings, isn’t really Veronica’s daughter. Mary snuck out to meet Peter, pretending to be Jessica, and subsequently slept with him. 9 months later, she’s back in Radley giving birth to Spencer.

Spencer and Melissa only share a dad (Peter) and Charlotte and Spencer share a mom (Mary Drake). 

Because Peter decides to do the right thing, with Veronica’s prompting no doubt, they take Spencer and raise her as their own.

24 years and Ali’s fake death later, Charlotte, who tortured them for 4 years, is dead and everyone is back in Rosewood, the drama quickly ensuing.

Now before I explain my reasoning, I want to state that I believe that Melissa Hastings is AD or Uber A. My theory revolves around Melissa and Spencer’s relationship. They have always had a rocky relationship, and I attribute this to Melissa having found out long ago that Spencer was only her half sister. She never wanted Spencer to get harmed, but she also didn’t care enough to stop her from torturing Spencer along with the other liars.

Now, going back to the beginning of the show, Melissa hated Ali because of her involvement with Ian. I think that Melissa, having found out the truth about Charlotte, blackmailed her to torture the liars so she wouldn’t get found out.

Once Charlotte was murdered, it seemed like the only thing AD cared about was finding out who did it. Well, if Charlotte was working for AD Melissa in torturing the liars, she really would want to know who killed her coverup-which we now know was Mona- Charlotte.

If you’re still following me, I think Melissa is AD. She blackmailed Charlotte into being A so that she could torture the liars while still making them believe it wasn’t her. Charlotte, who is kind of nuts anyway, went along with it because she actually loved the game. Now, with Charlotte dead, she wants to find out who killed her accomplice. Melissa, who still hates Ali, wants her to suffer and she doesn’t really like Spencer, so she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her way. 

PHEW! And I’m still not done! Mary Drake is willing to sacrifice everything to help Spencer and the rest of the liars out. She’s her mother after all. But what about that weird scene a few weeks ago with Spencer, Wren-hello gorgeous, where the hell have you been?-and Ezra in the airport? Well, for that, I have one word. Twins.

That’s right, I think that while in Radley, Mary Drake had two babies instead of one, i.e., Spencer is a twin. This fits because why would Spencer-at-the-airport not want the others to know that she was there? Because it wasn’t really Spencer. Maybe twin B-let’s call her Zoe- was adopted by different parents after she was born, someone that Mary trusted and when she got out, she found her. This would mean that Zoe was also Charlotte’s half sister.

Zoe, who found out she had a twin and wanted to get to know her, ran into Wren. Wren, confusing her for Spencer, talked about things that only Spencer would know, thus starting their friendship. When Charlotte died and the liars started getting texts and threats from AD, ehmm, Melissa, Wren and Zoe decided to try to figure out exactly what happened, and with the help of Mary find out it’s Melissa and want revenge for Charlotte’s murder.

THERE!!! So Melissa is AD, Spencer has a twin, and everyone lived happily ever after. If that’s not how the show pans out, I may be slightly disappointed.

ENJOY THE FINALE! And look for a reaction post in the next week or so!


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