23 Things I Learned by 23

Yes, I totally am writing that cliched post about everything I’ve learned by my age. About two months ago I celebrated my 23rd birthday-fellow Bulls where you at?- and I honestly believe that the growth that I have experienced in the past year is greater than any year before. As I begin my 24th journey around the sun, these are some things I will keep in mind. So here it goes, my list of 23 things I’ve learned by 23!

Be yourself 

That old saying, be yourself cause everyone else is already taken, yeah it really is one of the best things to live by.

Stand up for what you believe in

Your opinions will never be the same as everyone else’s, but as long as you know you have a voice, you will feel a lot less alone.

Admit when you’re wrong

You are not always right, admitting that is one of the first steps to happiness.

Don’t be a pushover

Don’t let people walk all over you, everyone but yourself will be happy.

Dye your damn hair

Or get that tattoo or piercing. Bottom line is, it’s your body, do with it what you please. *Sidenote, you can always dye it back….

Let loose sometimes

Have a second drink, or a 10th, whatever. Yes you’ll be hungover in the morning, but you’ll remember the night for the rest of your life.

Mom really does know best

I hate to admit it, but moms really do know what they are talking about.

Take more pictures

Or let people take pictures of you. You’ll regret it in a few years when you wished you had captured the moment.

Keep in touch with your family

Your family really is your biggest support system, and you are going to wish you had spent more time with them later on in life.

Realize who your true friends are

Not everyone of your “friends” really cares about you as much as you think they do. Find out who the true ones are before you regret it.

Take a break from Social Media

Sounds funny from someone who writes a blog, but really, take a break from Facebook and Instagram, even if its only for a day.

Don’t settle

Be selfish when it comes to your own happiness.

Make decisions for yourself

This goes along with the one above. Don’t do anything unless it is exactly what you want to do.

Eat lunch alone

Go to Panera or that coffee shop by yourself. Learn to be okay with being independent.

Don’t hold grudges

It will only make you miserable.

You can’t change others

No matter how hard you try, you can’t change anyone but yourself.

Nobody knows what they are doing

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life is that adulthood is a crapshoot. No one, I repeat, NO ONE knows what they are doing.

Be curious

Question everything! Always. Never lose your curiosity.

Save as much money as you can

This is something I wish I had learned a little earlier. Save money now, and enjoy your life later on.

Live in the now

Don’t worry about the future yet, everything will figure itself out eventually, but you will never get this exact moment back.

Put yourself first

You need to look out for yourself, because at the end of the day, you are the only one who will. So don’t be afraid to say you need a day off to watch YouTube. Your own happiness and sanity must come before anyone else’s.

Be kind

This is something we were taught when we were little kids. Don’t let a world that is so far from kind, make you hardened to the point that your kindness diminishes.

Say thank you

If someone helps you, thank hem for it. There is nothing better than having someone show their gratitude for your help.


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