March Thoughts

March 31st. Holy crap! Saying it out loud really drives home the fact that we’re already 1/4 of the way through 2017, and it is scary beyond belief. I often wonder how it is that I got to be here in my life. Like what led me to this point? Was it every single decision that I made? Or was it just the big ones? I kind of find it hard to believe that the blueberry scone I chose over the bagel at breakfast that one time in 2007 would have a lasting impact on my life, but who knows, maybe it did. What if we are born with a million different pathways, and each and every decision, tiny or huge, sends us down a certain pathway and completely changes the person we become? Thoughts like these are what keep me up at night, because if thats the case, no matter what, our futures are already laid out for us, like fate knows and even when we are trying to be spontaneous we can’t be.

The bona fide nature of these fates discourage me, makes me question what the damn point is? But it’s in times of these questioning that you need to ask yourself ‘Who cares what the point is?’ and ‘Do you care?’. Like are you going to let the fact that your future could possibly be mapped out for you regardless of what you do stop you from doing everything you want? Or, are you going to treat each day like a new adventure, seeing the good, and not letting the bad stop you?

So as March comes to a close, I am going to set a new goal for myself. That goal is to see the good, to find it even when it seems impossible. To live each day like I’ve never experienced life before. I hope that this allows me to see 2017 as a gift, and to experience life as I never have before, and I hope that everyone else reading this does the same.

Until next time,


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