My Purpose


Since I was little, I always told stories. I was always the one who wanted to wow my family with an awesome story about a dog I saw the other day, or a really great day I had with my best friend. I would go on and on, putting so much detail into these little stories that everyone listening felt like they were petting the dog’s downy fur or licking sticky vanilla ice cream off their own hand while sitting on Bestie’s rough, checkered couch (favorite couch ever). I had a knack for it, so much so that I would literally spend all of my experiences planning how I was going to tell the story later on.

I’ve kept this love of story telling throughout my childhood and early adulthood, nourished it and grew it into something that I cherish, something that lets me express myself in ways that I could never imagine while speaking words. Writing just works better for me, it always has.

So when I started my final semester of college in January of 2016, I contacted the Odyssey branch for my school. I was chosen as a contributor, and was publishing articles every week, on this online community for college students to write. While there, I published 8 articles a few of which are still gaining shares on social media platforms. For the first time, I had a real place for my writing to be shared, for people to be able to read it. For the first time, I really had a voice.

This opportunity ended when I graduated last May, and since then I have been writing in journals and on my laptop, but nothing as substantial as that website. Truth is, I miss the feeling of being able to get my voice out there. So, here I am, starting a blog, something I have wanted to do for a long time, in the hopes that people can find something in my writing. That anyone who is struggling, or shares my views on certain things, or just wants confirmation that they are not the only one struggling with this odd transition from college degenerate to “functioning” adult, can read my posts and realize that they have a friend in me (cheesy I know).

So, stay tuned while I try to figure this out, and bear with me, because I will probably mess something up a few times along the way. Until next time!


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